1. After we talked about you, 
    the Apple and the Tooth
    carried away blood on the leaves
    where the boats go:
    1901 15th St  (the dirty side of the street)
    7 a.m. 

    I suppose I should say ‘thanks’ or some shit,
    I don’t care. 

    You hid your stupid face,
    you shitface, call me when you get this!

    You and I know I’m with you 
    but I’m lonely. 
    I’m not calling you a liar, I’d like to
    baby (!), come into my head, don’t go home. 
    run run run above the rooftops next. 

    you won’t remember…
    paris nights / new york mornings / 
    dust in the summer rain outside ambivalence avenue,
    perfect combination. 

    angel, please—
    how’s it wrong?
    I won’t let you lie to yourself. 

    What do you want?
    Express yourself!

    Jealous of roses, 
    you keep it quiet. 

    Believe me, before we talked,
    I would do anything for you here.
    And now I can’t see you;
    I’m dead.

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