1. The thing about Scam™ is that he literally just popped back into my life at random. I’m choosing to entertain the situation because why not. Why not have someone that I can call to say “I miss you, I want to see you” and have that with? I love flirting and affection and I never need it to be a serious thing.

    We have to arrange a moment to like, discuss things face to face. I have two or three large concerns to address with him. It’ll be interesting, mostly. To have that scenario. To see if he tries anything. How different is he.

    I feel like there’s a catch. I don’t know yet.


  2. My new interest, the scammer, is a Virgo

    thus continuing my endless trend of infatuation with Virgo men and their ability to gradually ruin me


  3. This is a photo blog now


  4. adeana:

    Hands are so important to me.

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  5. "

    Your body is an atlas,

    and I’m overwhelmed

    with this insuppressible desire

    to travel the world.

    — Connotativewords | jl | Sights (via connotativewords)

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  6. black—lamb:


    Nadine Ijewere is a photographer out of London with an amazing talent for portraiture and fashion photography. She creates  beautiful environments for her work using from floral and cultural influences. I love it all.

    Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

    Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic



  7. ultravioletrai replied to your post “holaqueridamber replied to your post “i can’t apply to transfer into…”

    I interned for Adult Swim which is sorta under CN? It’s weird but I was their intern. Interning for Frederator would be AWESOME. I agree with the first person. Collaborating is ideal~

    ah yes, i knew it was something like that. adult swim is still pretty impressive. I hope to eventually somehow work my way up to being good enough for Frederator. Baby steps, you know? 

    But yeah, the collaboration suggestion is definitely something I will look into in the future.


  8. Little Lesson #29


    It is absolutely valid to hate people. Even people who everyone seems to love to death. It is absolutely valid to dislike people you feel incompatible with. It’s okay to write someone off because they give off bad vibes. You’re not a bad person for not getting along with everyone. You are not obligated to love everyone. You don’t owe people attention, you don’t owe anyone anything if they haven’t earned it. The minimum anyone can reasonably expect is respect so long as no real boundaries are crossed. You are allowed to police who you spend your time and energy on. You can have a few enemies and still be a good person. Be wise in regards to whom you associate with.


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  10. cinniie:

    I’m thinking a lot today about how drawn I am to stories and voices that are uniquely un-American. I’m interested in foreign films because they’re refreshing, and I’m interested in literature by POC. Lately I’ve been enamored with Latin American and indigenous authors, and I’m slowly delving into novels by Desi writers as well. I find it harder to find rich stories by black authors that compel me - again, those often tend to be dripping with American attitude. I want more “black” stories that capture the full diaspora. I’d like to forge something fitting for Caribbean audiences. I don’t know.

    I like these stories because they feel more familiar. I like them because they can be a little uncanny. Pushing the cultural envelope is an interesting exercise. And I want that, I want to be broadening my scope of reality by reading.


  11. bluebunny replied to your post “i can’t apply to transfer into animation programs because i’m not an…”

    in that case I think scriptwriting would be a better fit!! :) animation is completely different - the closest related would be storyboards but you have to draw them

    right, right. that’s exactly what i’m already studying but because my new school offers 0 animation courses, it seems more and more likely that my plans of transferring again will have to be a reality, and i’ll, like i stated in an earlier post, just continue to study screenwriting and dabble in an animation course or two on the side just to keep myself grounded


  12. holaqueridamber replied to your post “i can’t apply to transfer into animation programs because i’m not an…”

    Write up some scripts/ideas and start offering collaboration

    I do have a great story bible drafted for a cartoon idea i developed a while ago about three magical brown girls

    Anyway, this is still good advice (thank you!). I’m taking writing classes both this semester and in the spring, so in a few months I expect to have improved my skills enough to offer myself up for collabs

    ultravioletrai replied to your post “i can’t apply to transfer into animation programs because i’m not an…”

    !!!!!! We must ~network~. As in, I may need you in the future, just so you know.

    (also didn’t you intern at frederator? i feel like you said that - or was it just CN in general? either way, that’s one of my far off dream goals nbd)

    but i’m here if you need me

    papermaknae replied to your post “i can’t apply to transfer into animation programs because i’m not an…”

    I hope you make it someday, don’t give up~

    thanks! i’m not giving up on a thing, just reassessing my options


  13. Academy of Art University. No portfolio needed. I always wanted to go there but money and life haven’t allowed me yet.

    i don’t know if i have it in me to apply to a fancy expensive school across the country. i’ve been thinking a safer strategy might be to stick to writing programs here in NYC and sneak into animation classes somehow 


  14. i can’t apply to transfer into animation programs because i’m not an artist. i don’t draw or have a portfolio and yet and animation technology is exactly what i want to LEARN.

    i just want to help write for cartoons, you know? 


  15. wannabeanimator:

    Development of the cast of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, posted on Craig McCracken’s deviantART page. (thanks to talesofablacknerd for sending me the link :D)

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