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    Drake and Nicki shopping in the corner store vlog. Lmao. this is hilarious and cute.

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  2. Sometimes I worry that my interest in interracial dating is a byproduct of like, suppressed internalized anti-blackness

    Which is total bullshit but simultaneously a really compelling falsehood


  3. Men on the street are paying attention to me again, which is always uncomfortable. For a while, I wasn’t getting catcalled at all, and instead people approached me with compliments or a strong physical reaction to my presence.

    I find it exhausting to be blatantly objectified. I realize now that when I feel like I have no control over how men perceive me, or when I feel like their lust is unwelcome, I recoil and feel really disgusted. I think that’s why I always have a stronger preference for relationships with women, because the fears of being used are absent, or somehow more forgivable.

    I suppose it should be obvious, you know, that not wanting premature sexual advances from a guy doesn’t mean something is wrong with me. But for nearly my whole life I’ve either been disregarded or objectified with little in between, and I have a hard time reconciling that. Now I feel like I just have a body to offer men, because I have such little faith in their ability to understand or care about me.

    Maybe my hetero phase is dying. My pms symptoms tend to be the week before and after, so I guess it’s right on time for the baby fever to settle down. No one’s going to marry me, and I have no one to kiss in a dimly lit room.

    So much for a handsome sir to ruin my life, I guess.


  4. I’m gonna make a resolution to figure out how to be less “straight-passing”

    Men just bore me to death, you know?

    I realized that I was a lot more queer looking when I was younger. I wore flamboyant clothing and sometimes just quirky things like mismatched earrings. I feel like between piercings and perhaps a more eccentric wardrobe, perhaps I’ll be able to finally be femme and outwardly queer at the same time

    It’s weird. I feel like I can’t attract men and women at the same time. I feel like it involves highlighting different assets. I have no idea.

    It probably doesn’t matter what I do, I bet. I’m never gonna find a wife.


  5. "ruin my life" is one of my favorite sexual euphemisms

    Actually I find all sexual euphemisms incredibly fascinating


  6. Also I’m really excited about my playwriting class for next week! Our first assignment is pretty cool.

    Today my teacher laid out postcards around the room, and asked us to then select a photo we liked. Then we wrote a monologue in the voice of our character. And repeated this exercise a second time, with a new photo.

    Mine was first a young, naked girl in the woods. And the second, a pedantic older woman with a pen (a writer, presumably). For our next assignment, we were told to take both characters and write a scene between the two.

    I’ve decided that my characters are the same person, just that the older woman is an aged future self of the younger girl. I figured that was the best way to address the age gap without falling into a parent/child trap. The setup I have allows for explosively interesting dialogue if done right.

    I’m just really excited that this could be all it takes to inspire me, so I’m really glad about it.


  7. I have been making some friends at school, very tentatively and through various situations

    Like, on my first day of classes, I befriended a girl with social anxiety and I haven’t seen her around since on campus but I hope to run into her soon and check in on her and maybe help her get acclimated to things if I can.

    Yesterday I met a cool girl from Long Island who was kind enough to drive me home last night. We did a lot of chatting and I think she’s pretty great, and I’m pretty sure we’ll run into each other a lot since she’s another commuter student

    I also befriended some other commuter students - a girl named Caroline in my playwriting class who drives from the Bronx and tonight I met another girl named Alex who coincidentally had been on the morning bus with me as well. Alex and I seemed to have lived out parallel experiences with fancy, expensive out-of-state schools that turned out to be bad decisions in the end

    Along the way, I’ve exchanged numbers with other classmates who’ve introduced themselves to me and I’m trying slowly to be social despite not living on campus

    I’m also trying to maintain a friendship with that first boy. I don’t want to say I “like” him, because I don’t think I do, but I want to nurture that relationship throughout the semester, if I can. I want us to be friends, and to have that foundation laid. It’s hard, you know? I feel very isolated. But I’m really big on dinners and such. So I’m trying to manage through that.

    Attempting to be social and so on is going to be more challenging than my actual classes, I bet. We’ll see how it goes.


  8. I listened to LP1 finally and I’ve determined that it’s exactly the music I’d want softly playing in the background while intensely making out / having sex.

    Which makes sense, because the mood of it all is so sensual and lustful, which seems to be the specialty of FKA Twigs

    My favorite songs are Lights On / Hours / Kicks but on my first few listens I’ve liked them all, none I feel like are absolute necessary to skip to enjoy the album.


  9. holaqueridamber said: Tallinn

    People don’t generally spread rumours about me but there was the one time when I got tangled into a love triangle within my group of friends and everyone else had a whole split shipping them as a couple and I got portrayed as the foil to an OTP so that was funny


  10. these are fabulous questions

    1. (Pick a destination on this European road trip- or more, if you like it)
    2. Amsterdam: Do people think you are a complete "alien"?
    3. Athens: Are you a perfectionist?
    4. Belgrade: Tell me about the nicknames people give you.
    5. Berlin: How often can you get everything you really want?
    6. Bratislava: Tell me about the book of your life.
    7. Brussels: Do you use many different languages in a same sentence?
    8. Bucharest: Have you ever put someone in the Friend Zone?
    9. Budapest: Have you ever been put in the Friend Zone?
    10. Copenhagen: Have you ever kissed or been kissed by a complete stranger?
    11. Dublin: Have you ever drunk to forget something and/or someone?
    12. Helsinki: Imagine you have to choose between love and your greatest goal in life. What would be your choice?
    13. Kiev: Have you ever felt hurt by words that cut your heart more than a knife could ever do?
    14. Lisbon: Have you ever felt you were - absolutely - born in the wrong country?
    15. Ljubljana: Have you ever been mistaken by someone else?
    16. London: More sense or more sensibility?
    17. Luxembourg: Have you ever deeply regretted something you done (and I really mean DEEPLY)?
    18. Madrid: Which talents you don't have and you really would love to have?
    19. Moscow: Are you able you sleep well every night?
    20. Nicosia: How often do you fall into a state of procrastination?
    21. Oslo: What would give you absolute peace of mind?
    22. Paris: Are you afraid of falling in love (in general or for a specific person)?
    23. Podgorica: Would you die for what you believe?
    24. Prague: Are you a jealous person?
    25. Reykjavik: If you had to choose a country in the World to live forever and ever, which one it would be?
    26. Riga: Would you take and publish a selfie if someone asked you to?
    27. Rome: Have you ever experienced undeniable and true love in any form?
    28. Sarajevo: How far would you go for the ones you love?
    29. Skopje: What was the sweetest thing anyone called you?
    30. Sofia: Have you ever been a victim of any form of prejudice?
    31. Stockholm: Have you ever felt that you were an inspiration for someone else?
    32. Tallinn: What was the strangest rumour you heard about yourself?
    33. Tirana: Do you consider yourself a sexy person?
    34. Valletta: Have you ever had a car or bike accident?
    35. Vienna: Choose a song to define your life and explain it.
    36. Vilnius: Would you change your nationality if you had the chance?
    37. Warsaw: Have you ever suffered a depression?
    38. Zagreb: Have you ever gave your heart to someone who did not deserve it at all?
    39. Zurich: How important is money in your life?
    40. NOWHERE FAST: Don´t ask me absolutely anything. Tell – tell me what you think about the person that owns this Tumblr.

  11. I have an easier time imagining myself with a boyfriend. I feel like I understand men better a little, in relation to myself. I got better at flirting. And I’m getting prettier all the time. I feel like I’m a good person to date. I have so many good qualities. But I don’t need a boyfriend. I’m like going through my “hoe” (re: thot) phase. Which is funny. I hear everyone has something like that. But I think this is just one facet of the ‘explore your sexuality’ thing that’s encouraged so much. I am trying to do that. But I like boys a lot lately. I like their voices, I like the way they talk, I like the veins on their arms and the hair on their faces. I like men. I really do. For now.


  12. i literally am at like peak hetero levels in my life, all i think about these days is marriage and boys, i’m so problematic 


  13. today i discovered that i am HIGHLY attracted to hood NY accents.

    today at school i was kind of lost trying to find buildings and since i looked pretty cute i was lowkey scouting out cute boys to ask for directions. i got lucky and ending up asking for directions from this cute Spanish boy from the Bronx. I was so distracted by his voice I felt myself losing my composure. He was like, “Oh you tryna go over there? Aight, so this what you gon do…” And off the strength of his voice alone I was ready to let him ruin my life. I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about the Bronx; I’m bout to ride the train all the way down and find me a bae. 

    But he definitely noticed I was into him so he was like, “Here give me your number and text me if you get lost.” And I feel like I was so disoriented I can’t even be sure I gave him the right number! Because I didn’t get a text! So now I just have to hope to run into him again one day. 

    Boys are dangerous. Or I’m a danger to myself, I guess. Please pray for me. 


  14. Anonymous said: analori contains the word anal. please don't name your daughter analori

    • did you know that anal spelled backwards is Lana
    • did you know that immature people have always existed but luckily there’s this thing people do called maturing 
    • did you know that I picked out that name a long, long time ago and that it has a deep personal significance to me that i would prefer not to alter for petty reasons 
    • did 
    • you 
    • know

  15. "When people stop writing, it’s one of two things - they are either really fucking happy or broken beyond repair."
    — Ming D. Liu (via seelengekritzel)

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